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SpryDog Massage

For Mobility at Play. Comfort at Rest.

What Really Happens during a Dog Massage?

Canine massage is a branch of massage therapy that promotes overall health for your dog.

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Why We Do, What We Do

Did you know that a canine massage is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your companion’s well-being? In just under an hour, your dog can experience the healing, comfort and advantage edge that massage can provide! The benefits are endless, but look down to read more about the benefits of a SpryDog Massage.

Athletic & Geriatric Dogs

Athletic Dogs  will enjoy deeper breathing and increased blood flow with massage. There is an increase in an animal’s range of motion and better muscle flexibility, too. Geriatric Dogs will benefit as much from massage as their more active counterparts by decreasing discomfort in joints and muscles and promoting relaxation.

Anxious & Working Dogs

Anxious Dogs will benefit from stress reduction and nervousness, as massage relaxes the muscles and promotes calmness. Working Dogs will enjoy comfort from stiff joints and muscles, which will aid in prevention of future issues. Relieving muscle knots helps your animal continue to be comfortable in their jobs.

Dogs/Animals in Recovery

Dogs in Recovery will enjoy a bolstered immune system, pain relief and a speedier recovery as fluids will be able to move easier throughout the body. Massage is commonly offered as an adjunct to traditional medicine to enhance the healing process.
Canine Massage Benefits Information
While different than human massage, canine massage uses similar techniques such as pressure, strokes, vibration and rocking.  Massage can help relieve muscle tension, soreness, spasms and weaknesses. It interrupts the pain cycle by increasing oxygen to muscles and joints and helps restores tissue fibers. Increased flexibility and range of motion in limbs helps prevent injury and discomfort from arthritis and hip dysplasia through the release of endorphins.

Cardiac muscles and the lymphatic and respiratory systems are all positively impacted. The heart rate and blood pressure of animals who participate in massage are decreased and the hearts’ stroke volume is increased.  Asthma attacks decline in frequency, and there is a decrease in the animal’s respiratory rate.  Massage aids in assisting the natural lymphatic system of the body to minimize edema, or swelling, and thus decreasing the pressure on the sensory nerves registering pain within the body.  By increasing the flow of the lymphatic fluids, fresh nutrients are encouraged at an increased rate within the targeted area in need.

Massage engages the parasympathetic system as well which aids digestion, relieves constipation and can decrease stress.

For the animals’ skin and fur, massage elongates and softens connective tissue and fascia which results in better blood flow. Beneficial oils are moved throughout the skin during massage, resulting in healthier skin, hair and coat.

All body systems (not just muscles and joints) can benefit from massage as body work engages all the body systems.  Canine massage can provide emotional well-being for animals and massage therapists often work with animals to calm hyperactivity, anxiousness, and nervousness.

All in all, massage helps your companion maintain homeostasis in their body.

If you have questions about massage, and feel as if it may be an option for your companion, please feel free to call SpryDog Massage at (978) 273-2330.

Rates & Services

SpryDog Massage is a mobile-massage therapy service that provides Dog massage and Dog therapy services to the North Shore of Massachusetts and travel costs are included in the service rate. Home services outside the North Shore are billed by mileage, time and assessed on an individual basis. Please contact us for the rate to your home today at (978) 273-2330, or email us at

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A canine massage is not a substitute for veterinary care. If you dog has serious medical issues, veterinary approval to proceed with massage will be required.

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